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Welcome to Z's world...

Kiss the Reaper

Reaper Series Book 1

'Wherever depravity knocks, he will answer. Whenever Z knocks, he will kill.'

For Z, prostitution is a way of life, but it’s also become his prison. Desperate to forget his ugly existence, even if it’s only once a week, he confides in a john—a mysterious but kind man named Brody. Every Friday night they talk until the early morning hours. Brody is altruistic, giving him the attention he craves and, in time, they cultivate a unique bond.
For Brody, he’s found something special in Z—an innate charm and pure view of the world—qualities he can appreciate. He’s grown fond of Z and comfortable with their routine, but he knows it will soon come to an end.
Fueled by curiosity, Z follows Brody through the city to a dance club. He wants to learn all he can about his unusual client. However, he discovers more than he bargained for—a dark unsettling secret is hidden in a back room, a secret he can never share.

Maximum Kill

Reaper Series Book 2

'Twice the evil, Twice the fun.'

After most of the government officials involved in the Snuff program are eliminated, Brody and Z take up residence in a deserted village south of Peardonville. Beisicker seems the perfect refuge nestled in a snow-covered valley, quiet and far from prying eyes. However, their time together is brief.
Z is kidnapped, and Brody is forced to meet his first significant challenge, a fellow serial killer. The pharmaceutical giant End Life wants its best asset to return, and it will stop at nothing to make it happen.

Jack the Anthropophagite

Reaper Series Book 3

'Jack will eat no fat but will devour lean.'

While drifting from town to town, Zeus and Brody meet Mr. McMurty, a generous widower in need of help. In exchange for a place to stay, they agree to do odd jobs around his farm.
Then one rainy night, Zeus notices a man standing outside the bathroom window. Brody searches the property but finds no trace. Zeus is certain of what he saw, and he’s certain their peaceful stint is about to come to an abrupt end.

Apprentice Killers

Reaper Series Book 4

'Two for the price of one.'

When Brody receives a cryptic message from the newest of the Snuff program inductees, his memories are stirred. People and places, he hadn’t thought about in years awaken the most dormant of his emotions, and the present becomes blurred with the past. Not wanting to risk the life of the only person he cares about, he leaves Zeus behind to fight the pharmaceutical giant, for what he believes will be the last time.

Will be available May 2017!

Embrace the Reaper

Reaper Series Book 5

'After duplicity comes vengeance. And vengeance is death.'

Coming soon!

Book five in The Reaper series "Embrace the Reaper" is coming soon!
A story that gives this series a bloody good ending!